Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Insomnia Blather

I didn't take anything for sleep, is it any wonder I've been awake since 3am. Oh well.

I went to the blogger meetup last night. Lots of new faces I didn't recognize, folks I follow on Twitter and now put a face to.

We went to some Mexican restaurant in Overland Park. I got lost, and ended up in Lenexa. Fortunately, I called Faith and she was able to give me better directions. Unfortunately, she was having a bad day. I hope that maybe my misfortune brought a little joy into her life. I tend to have that affect on people.

After talking to her, Spyder called and was able to direct me to a parking spot.

I've never been to this restaurant before. Their food was okay, a little bland, but the company more than made up for it. I got to meet Travelgal...who doesn't blog, but it a familiar face to the comment boxes of many-a-blogger. When the final bill came out and Pedro told me that my Discover card was declined because "your card expires in 2013, and our machine only goes to 2012", and stupid me didn't think to bring cash (because I had only brought the official card of General Blather), Travel jumped in and saved the day. The next meetup, I'm totally footing her bill. Thanks, Travel!!!

I ended up chancing Ambien again on Monday. New Guy stayed on the phone to see what crazy things I might do this time. He was disappointed because I didn't do anything remarkable. Perhaps the Lingerie Incident was just isolated. On a happy note, he's been totally cool with everything so far, so it's safe to say that thus far, he's not a douche bag, and can be added to the Cool People list. Nuke and Faith can rest easy...

I've yet to see Dark Knight. It is on my agenda for today. Hell or high water. Preferably during the day so I only have to pay $5. I'm going by myself. I don't care. I'll orchestrate an outing later for the Imax showing.

Brother has taken great delight in my speeding ticket, even though I pointed out that had it been him, he probably would have gotten a higher fine. I told Legal Beagle about it, who agreed that I got a pretty good deal, and despite him needing new business, he would prefer I not get a ticket at all (awwww). He really is a great guy, and if he wasn't dating some uptight and boring lady, I'd be all over that like white on rice (also if there wasn't a certain New Guy who has captured my interest). I don't mess with married or attached guys. Policy.

However, if anyone out in Blogdom is in need of a lawyer, shoot me an email and I can send you his contact info. Tell him that his favorite nurse sent you!


Tony said...

Interesting. I think this is the best blogger wrap-up to a meet-up I've ever read.

Faith said...

Sista! I'm so sorry I didn't know it was you right away! I have a friend with your name from the message board I belong to, too, so I was confused about that, as well as still going back and forth from trying not to cry until I got home to just letting it out because who the fuck cares if I cry on the way home.

I'm glad I was able to help! Sorry that, on top of it all, I rambled about my crappy contractor issues to you. I'm an ass. I owe you dinner, too, ok? :D

Suzy said...

Their machines only go to 2012 and that is your problem HOW???

Heather said...

That whole thing still confuses me...

Logtar said...

They do have an weird system there (I personally think they were never fully trained on it.) I remember one day having to pay in the order of the ticket when it was a party and it was annoying.

The food is bland, because authentic Mexican food usually is... I should have said that... but most of their stuff is pretty good.

It was great at least saying hi to you. Hopefully we get to chat more in the next meetup.