Monday, February 26, 2007

Adventures in Homebuying: My Bedroom

I've always been smitten with all things Asian. The colors, the sounds, the traditions, the tranquility that they aspire to. Yeah, I understand that Asian men are mostly perverts, but I am willing to overlook that as long as none of them go motorboating in my dirty pillows without permission.

That being said, I've always wanted Asian influence in my bedroom. I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, so I wanted it to be a place that was relaxing, sensual, and peaceful at the same time. A place to meditate, and most importantly, sleep without any distractions.
When I bought the house, the master bedroom was this awful dark mustard color. Hideous. Not to mention, the ceiling fan was one of those ugly white wicker ones left over from the 80's. Also hideous. The only redeeming thing about the room was the new carpet.

I selected a nice, calming green for my room, but first, I had to prime to walls to get rid of that baby-poop color. The primer was a sea foam green that made me think back to the days when sea foam green was popular, and every bride wanted it for their bridal party. I had never painted before, so I am sure painting this room took me a lot longer than it would take a professional painter. One day to prime the room, the next day, I painted.

This is what my room looks like now. A bought the red Thai silk duvet set from Target at their World Bazaar. I paid full price for it, only to have them discount the set two weeks later by 30%. I know this because Paul likes to remind me whenever it presents itself in conversation, which is almost weekly. I found the silver lamps at Lowes on the clearance table, and the red lampshades at Walmart two months later. My sheets are gold, and 800 thread count. This has made it rather difficult to get out of bed sometimes.

I have a lot of candles in my room, my favorite ones being the soy candles I order online from The Fuzzy Bean Candle Company. The Tea Leaf and Jasmine is my favorite. I discovered them when I went to the KC Home Show last year. My brother gave me the fake bonsai tree. I had nowhere else to put it, so I put it on the dresser for the time being.

These two pictures I also found at Target. Chinese characters for things like Peace, Love, Happiness, etc. The gold sheets match the gold in these pictures. And the red matches the other red items. I know you guys are thinking this is something naughty. It's not. In fact, it's a daruma. You color in one eye and set a goal, or make a wish, and when that goal or wish is realized, you fill in the other eye. As you see, my daruma has only one eye filled in. I'm not saying what my goal/wish was. But let's just say that I've had this daruma for a long time.

This wall hanging was brought back from Korea by my brother when he was stationed there. It's some sort of mask play. I'm not up on Korean stuff, but I thought it would look appropriate in my room. I have an incense burner under it. I also put up mahogany-colored bamboo shades in the windows to finish the whole look.

And that is my bedroom for now. Just talking about it makes me want to go take a nap.

I think I will do just that.


Xavier Onassis said...

That's an awesome looking bedroom!

Nice job!

My own bedroom has somewhat of an African theme. For no apparent reason.

But I like it. Sort of gives "da Ladies" a subliminal Zulu/Mandingo vibe when they walk into the bedroom.

A vibe that is totally destroyed shortly thereafter.

thedirtyknitter said...

i think if you take your receipt back into target - and the price went down w/in a certain amount of time - they'll do a price adjustment for you - may want to look it up though - might only be one week. just a thought.

looks good - the green w/ the red - good choice.

Faith said...

How do you know those prints from Target don't actually say something like, "Die white consumer pig woman/man!" and/or, "We make everything you use. And your president is stupid." I don't know Chinese or Japanese or Taiwanese, etc, who knows? (I wonder if Target checks on shit like that before they sell it. I betcha they don't...)

I love the room, though. Very stylish. And 800 thread count sheets? I wouldn't be able to move in the morning. No way...

Melinda said...

Your room is awesome. What color is that on the walls? My landlady is looking for a green for her bathroom. I want to recommend your color!

Heather said...

American Tradition is the maker of said paint. I think the color is Fiji Mountain green. It reminds me of bamboo plants.