Monday, February 19, 2007

Puff, Puff, Pass

It's not strep. It's a viral something-or-another that doesn't have a name, nor anything to kill it. As with most viruses, you can only treat the symptoms and ride it out until you get better on your own. Hopefully, you have a decent enough immune system to help you out.

So, the nurse practitioner gave me an inhaler because this virus is causing "reactive airway", meaning, my upper respiratory tract is protesting the presence of said virus and is rebelling. Incidentally, she thinks I may have got it on the airplane on the way home. That figures.

At any rate, I'm still contagious. She wasn't too happy when I told her I worked over the weekend. Oops. Had I called in, it would have left my floor horribly short, not to mention the Bosshole would have come down on me like white on rice. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

So, I've been hitting the hot tea with lemon and honey. Good thing I brought a bunch back with me from Tortola. There's something about Mango tea that makes you not want to rip the heads off the neighbor children when they come over to play with the dog.

I've been awake all day long. Actually, I haven't had sleep since yesterday. I took some benadryl earlier, and now I hear my bed calling me. Electric blanket and all. I think I will just spend the next couple days in hibernation. I've got a handful of books I have yet to read. Heroes downloaded onto the iPod, and an endless supply of throat lozenges.

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Kristine said...

:-( Sending get well wishes!! :-)