Monday, February 05, 2007

Ship Happens: Where Mondays are Good Days

Of course, any day on a cruise ship is a good day.

After having no sleep for well over 24 hours, we made it to Ft. Lauderdale. We flew on AirTran, which has the most uncomfortable seats in the entire airline industry. During my layover in Atlanta, I kept seeing people wearing Chicago Bears colors, so I started thinking I was in Chicago. That's how tired I was. Thankfully, I was able to take a nap during our Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale flight. No one bothered to wake me up for the pretzels, leaving me propped on my little polka-dotted travel pillow I bought at Walmart on the way to the airport, drooling on said pillow, and apparently snoring. I can't verify this because people are prone to lying when it comes to me snoring.

In case you were all wondering...Paul came with me on this trip. And no, we are still not dating. Of note, he snores...very, very loudly. I've had to hit him in the head with my travel pillow on more than one occasion. At least his snoring sort of drowns out the Piano Bar that is directly below our cabin.

We are currently hauling ass at a speed of 20 miles and hour (or whatever that translates in to nautical miles), and should reach San Juan around 5pm, where we will be staying until midnight. I have no idea what we will be doing in San Juan because most all the shops will be closed when we get there. I suppose we could check out a local restaurant or something...or just meander around and hope we don't get mugged. Another couple (a nurse I went to school with and her husband), have also joined us on this trip. So, there is safety in numbers. Unless they are both shitfaced.

Current temps...somewhere hovering just above 80 degrees. A few clouds in the sky. We sat outside yesterday as it was a Sea Day, and predictably, I got sunburned...bad. I'm about as red as the lobster that graced my dinner plate last night. So much for pre-tanning before cruising. It was about as effective as the Pull and Pray Method.

Thus far, the cruise has been entertaining. I'm trying not to be on the go all the time, but instead relaxing. We're also involved in a Murder Mystery Cruise, so everyone has been asking me if I am having an affair with the Cruise Director, not to mention if I've been having sex in the lifeboats. With a name like Hedonistic Heather, I suppose I would be suspect.

We only set sail Saturday night, and already I feel like I have been on this ship for a week. I'm not ready to come home, though. I've heard about the temps in KC...and I kind of like hanging around in my swimsuit and purple boonie hat for the time being.

I'll post my pics when I get home, but I thought I would drop a line to everyone to let them know that I haven't fallen off the boat. Everyone has been really nice, the food has been great, and the company somewhat entertaining. I'll post a more comprehensive review of my trip with I get home and don't have to pay $.55 a minute to be online.

I'm now going to go drink something out of a hollowed-out coconut. The tea here is nasty.


Kristine said...

So awesome of you to write us from your vacation! I love it! And wow - a Murder Mystery Cruise. I knew you were having fun but I didn't know you were having THAT much fun. :) I cannot WAIT to hear all about it. (Any clues on the whodunnit)?

"The D" said...

Pull and Pray method = HI-LARIOUS!

BTW you and Paul ARE dating you are just not his girlfrind yet just seal the deal and move on already, you know what I'm talking about.

And everyone agrees with me.