Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Awesome Find!

I first discovered the practice of a name-brand company packaging their products with the name of other stores during my time in cosmetology school. You would be surprised at just how many labels the Matrix line covers.

This same practice applies to any store that has their own label: Target, Walmart, Costco.

I heart Gray Goose. However, I don't heart how much it costs.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that Costco's Kirkland Signature Vodka is bottled by Gray Goose (and confirmed by many sources). 1.5 liters for $30 when 1 liter of GG is $50. I bought a Costco membership just so I could buy the Kirkland Vodka.

Now, I can provide my house visitors with good vodka beverages without it breaking Heather's checking account.
I still heart GG, but that bottle is not for general consumption.


Spyder said...

LUV Costco!

JustCara said...

Ohhh...does Matrix have a cheaper Vavoom Height Of Glam Volumizing Foam? Because it's like crack for my hair.

Average Jane said...

Ooh, good to know!

Jonathan said...

Oooh I dig vodka drinks, but have never used anything that high end (Smirnoff here LoL).

What do you make, Bloody's Screwdrivers, kamikazes? Nah you are probably classier LoL.

Ther was a time I would never have paid $30 bucks a bottle for booze, but it's hard not to when you find something that's really so much better than the pack (Endorsement for Knob Creek bourbon whiskey here)!

Nuke }:-

Xavier Onassis said...

jonathan - high five on the Knob Creek! Good stuff!

heather - the best part is, from now on you only need to buy Gray Goose once. The rest is all about decanting.

Vern said...

Now, if Costco will bottle Cuervo Black tequila, we'll be in business.