Monday, November 26, 2007


I had to get up early this morning to take Mom to a doctor's appointment. See what a good daughter I am!! After getting there, we waited for almost an hour in the waiting room before she was called. I was pissed...and it wasn't even my appointment! That's a big pet peeve of mine. Tell me I need to be somewhere at a precise time, and then make me wait. If you say my appointment is at nine, I expect to be seen at nine...not ten-thirty. Grrr.

Afterwards, Mom and I had lunch at Corner Cafe where I bought a bag of their delicious homemade croutons I can have in tomato soup later tonight. Lunch finished, I dropped her off at home before stopping by my storage shed and picking up more boxes to take to the house. Most of the boxes this time had Christmas decorations.

Right now, I'm going to take a nap. Then, I am going to get up, make neat and tidy around the house, then assess my Christmas decorations and see what I want to drag out. Everything else will go in the attic.

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