Thursday, November 01, 2007

Employee Health Sucks

I just got off the phone with the fucktards in the employee health office. Ever since I pulled that muscle in my shoulder, the whole experience that followed has been nothing short of psychological terrorism.

First off, I can never get an appointment to see them when it's most convenient for me. No. Those bastards always schedule at the most inopportune times, one of which being tomorrow mid-morning...even after I told them that under no uncertain terms, I couldn't come in at that time. When I called the reschedule, I get the whole "if you miss this appointment, you'll be deemed non-compliant, and you won't be able to work, and it will go on your record". If I don't make tomorrow's appointment, I will not be cleared to work for the weekend. While a weekend off might sound good, I neither have the PTO to cover it, nor can I afford the penalty.

I then told the lady that she ought to drag her ass in to work at midnight and see how she liked it, because that is what my appointment time amounted to. Brazen of me, I know, but I wasn't on the clock at the time I said it.

Plus, I'm going to have to tell Brother that he needs to find someone to take him to his truck as I will be unable to. Instead of helping family, I'm being blackmailed by my employer.

Fuckers. They are not happy unless they are not only screwing you, but everyone in your house.

You know what I think? I think corporations make the process as painful and complicated as possible so you think twice about reporting an injury the next time it happens. I didn't ask for this to happen, but I just LOVE how I've been made out to be the bad guy here. Like I'm trying to bilk the hospital out of something. Sure, there are some people that do, but not me. I just want all this to be over and done with. So much, that I'm going to demand they lift my restrictions tomorrow. The workman's comp counselor told me that looking at my file, she thought I needed another week or two of therapy. She can take her physical therapy and shove it up her ass for all I care. I'm done with dealing those assclowns.

I'd rather deal with an achy shoulder than the emotional distress these assholes have inflicted upon me since I signed my name on that incident report three weeks ago.

I'm so angry right now, I'm worthy of the red hair.

Where's that hot curling iron??

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Midtown Miscreant said...

Ive been enjoying your blog for awhile now, so here is an unsolicited bit of advice. Go with what the therapist advises otherwise if you dont heal or have reocurring problem with it down the road, they will screw you for not following the PT's advice. No need to help em in their quest to screw ya. By the way the red hair and anger is giving you a Maureen O'hara vibe.