Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy Voting Day!

Today is Election Day. Yawn. Everyone is all in a lather about some schools located in Independence wanting to leave the KCMO School District, and join the Independence School District. That would make sense.

Opponents are trying to make it into a race issue. Whatever. KCMO School District sucks wet donkey nuts, and I don't blame parents for not wanting their children in that system. During my college experience, I encountered people who had graduated within the KC district with a perfect GPA, only to not be able to read past a sixth grade level. And isn't the KCMOSD still not accredited?? Nice.

If I had kids, I wouldn't want them to attend any of the KC schools. It's not because of some conjured up race issue. It's painfully obvious that the KCMO School Board cares more about money and power, than whether or not your kid can pass the ACT.

When I went through the whole house-buying process, I paid attention to school boundaries, even though I don't have kids of my own. Why? Because I know that's what people with children pay attention to when they buy houses. To not be on that inept school district means I have a better chance of selling the house (when that time comes).

I've always felt the KCMOSD was too big to manage. Too many kids fell through the cracks. Maybe if it were smaller, people would find it easier to maintain...just like the 'burbs. I think that once those schools are out of the KC clutches, we're going to see just how bad the inner city school are in terms of test scores. Maybe it will force people to address an issue that they have been ignoring until now. It shouldn't be about taxes and property values. It should be about education.

I don't think I can vote on the succession issue, but I would vote for it if I could.

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