Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday's Musings

This morning, 'bert pulled into the driveway with Oprah. My heart sang. The truck was here AND I didn't have to drive Brother to BFE on Friday to collect her!

Brother and 'bert stood in the driveway and tweaked with the engine, and I watched from the porch, heart swelling as Oprah roared to life. Such good times with that truck. Good times. Brother's done a lot of work nursing her from the brink of death. I'm so proud. ~sniff~

Brother estimates he will have it properly insured and with new tires by the end of next weekend. He's excited to have a working vehicle of his own. I'm excited I get to have my car back, which means I can resume my late night visits to the gym, instead of going during the day.

I don't know what I will do with myself.


Work wasn't too bad this weekend. I had an orientee last night, and it was a bit of an effort to refrain from just jumping in and getting stuff done when she fell behind. It's the pitfall of being a new haven't quite mastered that time management thing.


I think I'm the only person in Kansas City who doesn't have tickets to the Garth Brooks concert. I haven't decided if it is something I would want to see. Considering he's the new anchor tenant of the Sprint Center, I think I will have lots of opportunities if I ever change my mind.


My allergies are acting up in a big way. I hate the cold weather, but until we get our first good cold snap, my allergies are going to be hell. My voice is all Kathleen Turner with the extra mucous and dry, red eyes thrown in. Sexy phone voice it may be, but it's hell on my singing career.


Janet said...

We don't have tickets to Garth, either. No desire to see him what-so-ever. Really.

Spyder said...

Me neither! I do hear he puts on a great show.