Saturday, September 06, 2008

Almost Late

I usually get up at 4pm on nights I have to work. This affords me time to have something to eat, shower, and get ready for work at a leisurely pace. I leave my house a little after 6, stop by Starbucks for my evening beverage, then go to work.

Saturday, I woke up to the phone ringing the special little ring tone I have for Indy. This is so I know when to answer the phone, depending on if I am mad at him at the time. It was 5:25pm. I looked at the phone, and the clock, trying to figure out what was wrong with this picture.

For whatever reason, the alarm didn't sound. If he hadn't called, I would have just slept until work called, wondering why I hadn't shown up.

I showered and got ready for work in 20 minutes...complete with hair in a pleasing (and dry) configuration. A record!

So far, this weekend has been good and lousy. A half and half mix of patients and family members that remind me of the good things about being a nurse, and then the patients and family members that make me wish I was a teacher for the KCMSD instead.

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