Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hump Day Blather

I watched the new show, Sons of Anarchy on Fox. I liked it. I will tune in again.

This afternoon, Brother busted into my room while I was napping and excitedly started yapping about the Metallica concert. I'll be going. Our seats are so close to the stage, Hatfield should be sweating on me. Just as long as they don't play anything from St. Anger.

I didn't watch the RNC, particularly because I couldn't stomach listening to Failin. She's against the right to chose, yet tells us that her daughter chose to keep the baby. What's good for the goose, isn't necessarily good for the gander. Apparently, choice is only afforded to you when you are running for public office. I don't consider myself a fem-nazi, and while I applaud McCain for selecting a female running mate, I really, REALLY find myself disliking this woman immensely. Everything about her screams "hypocrite". I can think of at least 10 women I like better for VP than her.

Go back to Alaska and eat a moose burger, you cow.

I have to wonder about the whole Palin family dynamic. I'm sure she was aware that her daughter's pregnancy would be trounced out for all the globe to see and speculate on. She had to have known that this would be a humiliating experience for her daughter when she accepted the VP nomination. So, do you think this could be a passive-aggressive way to heap shame upon her daughter for getting pregnant? Sarah Palin doesn't have to say a word to her daughter about how she's brought embarrassment to them all and tarnished the good family name...the media is taking care of it for her.

I feel bad for the daughter. Everyone makes mistakes, but to have them played out on such a public forum...I can't even fathom.

Meanwhile, my mother is going in for more eyeball fun this Friday, but all the way out in Shawnee. We're still in the land of not knowing anything for certain, and technically, she's legally blind in the left eye. Here's hoping for experimental medicine. Everyone, keep your fingers crossed.

I bought some cute new scrubs this week. Pants that fit and won't fall down whenever I put anything in the pockets! Included are brown scrubs, because everyone knows that brown is the new black. Or is it pink?

I just finished laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and taking a long, hot shower. Now, at 3am, I am ready for bed.

Good night, y'all!


PlazaJen said...

y'know, I think that if Palin were a Dem, she would be vilified for her lack of "family values" and admonished for not choosing to stay home and put family first.
When I told my (v. conservative) boss this, he tried to twist it that :I: was a hypocrite to my gender. No, not at all. I support any woman's choice to work - the kicker being for so many, there IS no choice, if they want to feed their kids. I just know that if it was HIS wife in that situation? He would adamantly oppose her working. Let alone go to the White House.

Nuke said...

Grats on the Metallica tix! I got my Rockaholics notice the other day, but I just can't even face the possibility of all that walking the way my knee is doing. If I thought they were gonna have t-shirts big enough I'd send you with money to get me one.

I agree StAnger was a waste of time. There were bits that had potential but I can't name 1 song that I entirely liked. I think I have the CD round my house if anybody wants to try...

I have listened to the first 3 tracks off the new one tho, and so far pretty good!

Topher said...

Plus, brown doesn't show C-diff as easily. Heh heh.

Sully Sullivan said...

Maybe she only received the VP offer so they Republicans could add a little "democratic flavor" to their campaign seeing as their about to get rocked by the Democrats.

Who knows.

Either way, being a Canadianm, this interests me about as much as female pubic hair.

What that crude? Probably. Apologies.

Faith said...

Ooh! Brown and pink together!!! Love that combo.

I don't get what the big deal is. So her 17 year old daughter is what? It's more a lesson for Palin than anything else, isn't it? How does it make her hypocritical when her daughter effs up and gets pregnant? And the whole "choice" thing makes no sense to me, I'm sorry. Being anti-abortion/pro-choice myself, I'm happy to advise anyone who comes to me needing help with a possibly unwanted pregnancy. I would never tell her what she should/shouldn't do, but I can help her with her options, as my family and friends have dealt with such situations in the past.

But she's choosing to have the baby. So how is that relatable to any of Palin's beliefs/stances on abortion? I think that people giving her shit because she's a strong advocate for abstinence teaching makes sense, but I also think that teenagers will do what they wanna do, and again, having been there myself with family and friends getting knocked up accidentally, shit happens, you know? I'm glad my mom woke up by the time my twin and I were "of age" and told us to just let her know when we needed to get some BC pills, because she didn't want to go through the same shit she did with our older sisters. (Both were pregnant before they turned lost the baby, and the other gave her up for adoption.) But its not like my mom was saying, "Here! Now go forth and fuck like rabbits, ok? Have fun!" She was just saying she knew it was something that could occur, and she wanted to be smarter about it. Maybe that's what Palin will do after this, you know?

Anyway, I don't know what to think of the woman yet. I'm giving her more than a week in the limelight to make my decisions about her...

big russ said...

pro choice gives everyone a choice but what is inside the pregnant mother. its not fair. pro life is the only way to look at it. i love palin and mccain. biden is scary as hell as a vice president. he is still way to angry and just needs to take time away from the senate and if obama is smart will pick up someone else. obama will ruin this country.

i love this anger libs have over sarah palin. that anger could be seen as fear. which i think is fantastic. she and mccain are what this nation needs.