Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday's Musings

I had a relatively good weekend. Crazy Nurse put on the Weekend Psycho Show, which oddly enough, puts everyone else in a chipper mood. Maybe seeing Crazy Nurse delve further into a mental breakdown sort of puts things in perspective in our own lives.

Nah! Who am I kidding? We just feel a sense of justice because karma is biting her in the ass for being a pain in ours.

With the arrival of my tax refund, I felt like buying something fun. Bills all caught up, and I hadn't made a frivolous purchase in a while. So, I bought Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Edition. Brother and I will be busting it out when he wakes up this afternoon.

And I also bought the first book of Stephanie Meyers' series. I initially turned my nose up because I figured it to be a teenage-type book. And I hate all things that have to do with teenagers. However, B-Ram started reading it and gave positive reviews. I turned my nose up at Harry Potter initially because I dismissed it as kiddie stuff, and look how much I liked that series. Anything has to be an improvement from that dork who wrote about dragons.

My vacation countdown is down to two months. Brother will be left to his own devices in my house. Lord only knows what's going to happen. I plan on having all my bathroom materials purchased so Mr. Recommendation can work on it while I'm gone.

If anyone is thinking about stopping by Casa de H-Train to pick up Guitar Hero at a five-finger discount while I'm gone, know that Brother has guns.

He's a very good shot.

He will not hesitate to pop a cap in your ass.

But not before he lets Hank rape you first.

I'm thinking about purchasing a laptop this week, but I need to figure out how to set up wireless crap at home. I think New Guy could help in this department. Not to mention my computer runs like a big turd and needs some sort of intervention.

Overall, a good weekend. No one died. I got cool stuff. And I have a good reason for New Guy to come over to my house. The only hiccup was that I dropped colorful language in front of a priest. Loudly.


But for now, I'm going to bed. Happy Monday, biatches!!


Nuke said...

Your game was safe at "pop a cap in your ass" the threat of canine sodomy is not necessary (and frankly a little excessive methinks).

As for wireless it is easy. If New Guy can't handle it (he should be able to he's smart enough to hang with you) then I or one of the other bloggers/geeks can walk you thru pretty easily.

Melinda said...

I really liked Stephanie Meyer's first book, but then when I found out it turned into 4 books! It's impossible to not like Edward Cullen. If you remember the character Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter 4, he's got the lead as Edward Cullen. Mmm mmmm good.

SmedRock said...

Get a Mac. You can run windows along side OSX. That way you have both side covered. Other than that, wireless is easy. Nuke is right. If he cannot do that, dump him and let us know. We can get it working.