Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Black Monday!!

I shall spend the remainder of the day watching my retirement go down the toilet.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog on TKC and have added it to my favorites. Even when I don't agree with you, I smile and shake my head. I'm a retired teacher and think your profession is not that much different than mine was. Whiny parents who enable their kids to the point of endangering their lives...keep up the blog.

big russ said...

quit listening to liberal media bashing the bush administration. its bad, but its not great depression bad. not even close to it. here's the deal if you are smart about this and have the finances and the discipline you should be buying more investments and adding it to your portfolio. in 30 years when your at retirement age you will have a great deal of wealth accumulated.

Suzy said...

I agree with big russ but dont have extra assets 2 add to it now, but yes, we should be buying.

Tried to get my stockbroker on the phone (Morgan Stanley) AND HE'S NOT TAKING CALLS TODAY. GREAT.

Spyder said...

LOL The republicans love you!

IDigSmartLadies said...

While I agree with Big Russ in principle, regarding buying now, I disagree that it's sunshine and roses all around. As a 34 year old, I can shrug it off, as I'm nowhere near cashing in my chips. If I were 64 instead, I'd be crapping my pants.

When Alan Greenspan says we're in a once in a century crisis, I would tend to believe him more than some random doofus on a blog who says the doom and gloom is all liberal media hatin' on the Bush administration.

You can blame me for the financial meltdown of AIG. When I read about it, I called up my travel agent to cancel some $800 in travel insurance paid to AIG for a cruise next year. Luckily, I was within my ten day free look, so I can cancel without penalty.