Sunday, September 21, 2008


So let me get this straight...

An Amber alert is issued for an Independence woman who took off with her kids. Four of them, ages 7-14.

That's not the part that baffles me.

No. Mom of the Year has done this before. Four times before to be exact. Even taking them across state lines to New Mexico and Oregon. It's not like she just took them across the border into Kansas for a Runza in Lawrence!!!

('s been years since I've had a Runza...not since my high school days. I do come from Nebraska, you know.)

She does not have custody of her kids. The kids (from the sounds of it) are in foster homes. Considering that our judicial system is retarded when it comes to giving kids back to unfit parents, this woman had to have been a major fuck up.

Considering that she's The Craptastic Mom of the Year, and that she has absconded with the children on four occasions prior to this, the DFS still agreed to unsupervised, overnight visits with her children.

The magnitude of stupidity is enough to make me go blind. Everything is already starting to get all blurry.

So, I award the Ray Nagin Dumbass Award to the entire Independence Division of Family Services. Apparently, you can have the IQ of potato salad and still work for the government*.

(*Just ask Sarah Palin...)


Radioman of Kansas City said...

The stupidity is that the cops issued an Amber Alert for her and KCTV ran a crawl twice that I saw during the chiefs game.

They're not even small children. Time for society to get the hell OVER ITSELF!

Your probably right, DFS or whoever they are 'retarded', though that's such an UN-PC phrase in this Sarah Palin world we live in.

They should issue an AMBER ALERT for the social worker types to find their heads and pull them out of their asses.

Now what kid wants to go back home to middle school after his name "Riggs" has been plastered all over the city?

Deano said...

Mmmmmm, Runzas.... :-)

kenneth said...

Sounds like an amber alert was issued after the dumb fuck dfs worker panicked after his/her job was in jeopordy... I bet the 14 year old could bail with his siblings when the mom starts looking for a meth fix, I would not worry.

sunny said...

Hey DFS cannot give, grant, order, any type of visitation for a family. They can make recommendations but JUDGES make orders and DFS has to follow them. Keep that in mind please DFS workers are people that carry a caseload and just report the facts to court where they rule on the case!

Heather said...

So that would mean that DFS recommended that Mom get unsupervised, overnight visits with the kids. Despite having a history of abducting them. On four separate occasions.

Nice try...

Dan said...

You can get Bierocks at "You Say Tomato", which I think are pretty much like runzas. Email me and I'll meet you there sometime.