Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday Blather

I spent Sunday night awake, even though I was sent home sick. I felt a little better Monday morning, and thought about going to the McCain rally-thingie anyway. Like I had anything better to do. I wanted to see if they would say anything interesting.

So, I gathered my camera and set off for Lees Summit, I left early because I figured there would be a lot of people. I left at 7am.

Perhaps I should have planned on getting there at 5am. Really. Did some of these people camp overnight to ensure a spot???

No where to park, and there were thousands of sheeple standing out in the rain. Thousands. A big line that started at the John Knox Village Pavilion, snaked around the parking lot, and extended all the way down the block, five people deep...at least. I knew that all these people were not going to be getting into the event, and I was right.

Remembering that I hate large groups of sheeple, even more so at political rallies, I said "Phuck it"and stopped by Starbucks before returning home. I noted the crappy morning commuters parked on the highway, and I was grateful I worked nights and didn't had to deal with that every morning, five days a week.

I was under the impression that the rally-thingie started at 8:30. No. The doors opened at 8:30, the rally-thingie started after 10. That means I would have been awake longer in the day than I had anticipated. Screw that! I went home and crawled into bed, where I slept blissfully for the remainder of the day.

Turns out, nothing interesting was said at the rally-thingie. Same "vote for me" crap, but mostly why you shouldn't vote for the other guy. Not to mention there was an overflow because not everyone could get in. Chances are pretty good I would have been cast in overflow. Bed sounded better.

I checked my voice mail (because I only check it once a week or something like that), and in my box was my very own personal invite to the rally-thingie. Whatever. They didn't even save me a parking spot. Overflow, my ass!


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Tony said...

Sleep instead of politics. You are a wise woman.