Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Blather

I finally got to see Dark Knight today. Woo hoo!

As for Heath actually deserving an Oscar for his role...I'm not really convinced. Yeah, he was good and brought a new way of looking at The Joker. Perhaps the Oscar buzz was merely a knee-jerk reaction to his death and Dark Knight being the last movie he was in before he died. Sucks that if they decide to recast his character, the new actor has a pretty tough act to follow.

Bale's Batman voice bothered me. Sometimes, he was difficult to understand.

I wasn't a big fan of the Rachel Dawes character. Glad to see she's toast. I don't care who played her, and who did it better.

Overall, a good movie. The special effects were pretty handy. Morgan Freeman, always an added bonus.

I forgot what today was until I saw a flag lowered to half-mast. I could expound on my feelings on 9/11, but I still find the subject mentally taxing. The A&E channel had a show that deconstructed the bombings of the Twin Towers and events going on inside before they collapsed. I started to watch it, but had to change the channel. I haven't watched Flight 93 either. I don't ever plan to.

Brother got his free cd's in the mail of the new Metallica album. He got a free disc for each ticket bought, so I also have my own copy. The house is now filled with sounds of Hatfield's guitar and vocals. A good cd, it reminds me of their old stuff. Thankfully, it's better than St. Anger.

Nothing more to report. Actually, I do have other stuff going on in my life. I'm just not blogging about it. A girl still has to have some secrets.

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Nuke said...

Dang you have tickets AND you already have the album (x2). If you weren't such a cool chica H-train, I could really dislike you.

And all girls are entitled to a few secrets. As long as it doesn't involve you having a penis. Well, actually even that would be fine, I just don't wanna see it.