Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Belated Birthday Shoutout!

Saturday was Kant's 31st birthday. I celebrated by calling her and singing (okay, more like screaming) the Happy Birthday song. Afterwards, she said she had it on speakerphone, and she was at work, and all her coworkers at the Temple heard her.

I bet that made for an interesting bapstism/sealing interlude.

She's has reflected on being 31. I have had a whole 3 months head start on her, and I reassured her that 31 was fun, and not much different than being 30. At least in your 30's, no one looks at you with the disdain and disgust that you are looked upon in your 20's. However, in our church, you are looked upon with disdain and disgust if you in your 30's and never been married.

Old crones! They are just bitter because they wish they were us. I always remind Kant of this, but I don't think she believes me. Ofcourse, the ones who are married, and don't treat us as if we have some sort of communicable disease, are the ones we call friends and close family...and they love us whether single, married, leperous or otherwise.

So, here's to a rousing 31! And 10 years of that owed to the miracle of modern medicine, not to mention your sister's oversized kidney.

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