Saturday, May 13, 2006

Late Night Blather

Well, work isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe if I go in each night expecting it to be the worst shift ever, I will have a good night. Reverse psychology...that's the ticket!!

However, I am apparently allergic to something I use because I have been itching all night long. I am usually seen scratching my arms, legs, neck, hands, hands, etc, to the point where I am beet-red and covered in hives. It could be my bubble bath, which is sad because I love bubbles. I'll try just showering and using glycerin soap and seeing how I fare. For the time being, I'll just be miserable and itchy.

The friend who will be cruising with me next year called earlier today and announced they had just seen a preview of Poseidon and decided not to go on the cruise, to which I said they would be cruising, even if it meant I had to keep them sedated all week. I have always been under the strong belief that when it is your time to go, it doesn't matter if you are on a cruise ship, an airplane, or on the're going in for the God Consult and there is nothing you can do about it.

(On a side note...I will not be going to see Poseidon. I've already seen Titanic, and one sinking ship story is enough for me. I do have to wonder, though, Kant went and sat through Titanic about 8 times...I wonder how many times she will go see this one...)

My younger brother popped by today, announcing he had a $700 check in his pocket, and can he borrow $5 for gas? I yelled at him for waking me up and asking for money. Why is it that after 13 years of working night shift, my family can't seem to comprehend the notion that I am not to be disturbed until after 5pm?? Peak sleeping times 9am-4pm. I'm going to start calling everyone at 1am and see how they like it.

Mom moves out June 1st (a separate post unto itself), and an opportunity has presented itself for me to buy my own I told my brother that his mooching days will be coming to an end as neither of us will be in a position to supplement his income. Sometimes, I wonder what would happen if I just moved far, far away and no one could just stop by and bilk me out of gas money.

I'm fairly certain that in the event I ever married, my husband will not be receptive to me shelling out any more money to the Family Charitable Fund. I'm not exactly receptive to it either...I can't wait to get married so I have a good excuse to say no.

Now taking applications for potential husbands. Must be somewhat neat, cooking knowledge not mandatory, boat preferred.

Please send picture of boat.

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