Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Day Thus Far

I took the car back to the shop to point out a couple things that were missed and needed attention. One of which, being the pinstriping on the car. I was originally going to just leave it as it was, but then I noticed the moonroof deflector was pulling off the car.

I pulled in the same time as an adjustor with Farmers. I went and sat in the waiting room, the generously proportioned adjustor made a beeline for the bathroom, which was right next to the waiting room.

I will never forget the sounds I heard until my dying day.

I waited for 15 minutes to be seen by the body shop guy. The Farmer's adjustor waited the same amount of time, but on the toilet. He came out of the bathroom just as it was my turn, and I am disappointed to say he didn't leave the fan on in the bathroom. Within minutes, the waiting area smelled.

Thankfully, I had a reason to go outside.

I pointed out the flaws in the car to the body shop guy who first tried to tell me that my pinstriping being ripped off in chunks had nothing to do with hail. Bullshit. I told him the pinstriping was intact before the hailstorm, and it should have been replaced when the rest of the car was fixed. He conceded and told me a good time to bring it in so my little flaws could be corrected.

Later, I'm supposed to go an plant. If it gets cancelled again, I'm just going to Walmart and buy big pots and soil and plant my own damn tomatoes. Just as you can feel a big storm coming, I sense a DLT on the yonder horizon (my friends will know what I am talking about), probably tonight.

Kant, you can probably expect a phone call...

I've been fishing long enough. It's time to cut bait.

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Kathryn said...

Definately time to cut bait! Call me!