Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This...Is SWIMWEAR?!?!

I used to think that women had it rough with the swim season...then I found this website. (Not safe for work!) The folks who design this stuff must not be from the U.S. (unless they are from San Francisco). If I were a wagering woman, I'd have to say they are either from somewhere South America, or Europe.

I also must say, that you probably would be hard pressed to find a guy wearing this in the Midwest. You don this while at Party Cove, some redneck is likely to beat the crap out of you.

There was one item (remember, this is swimwear for men) that I could have swore looked exactly like a training muzzle I bought for Sam.

And I sincerely doubt I will be seeing something from this company gracing the pool area of Lido deck on my upcoming cruise...at least I hope I don't see it...

I remember the first cruise I went on. Kant and I were on a little boat going out to Sting Ray City in Cayman. Directly across from us was a man (mid-40's), his wife and two kids. He was wearing a pair of tan-thru swim shorts. The thing is with tan-thru...sometimes, you can see-thru if you are not careful. Sadly enough, the guy was casually sitting there, oblivious to the fact that everyone could see his junk through his shorts. I don't think Kant knew, and I certainly wasn't going to tell her. I didn't want to alert her to the fact that a penis was bobbing hello from the other side of the boat...it would have scared her. I was just hoping his own kids didn't notice.

Anyway, back to the Koala Swimline...

I think if we expected more men to wear swim suits such as any number of these...I think they wouldn't be so hard on us if we didn't all look like Kathy Ireland in our suits.

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