Friday, May 19, 2006

Another Drug-Sponsored Dinner and Other Blather

Last night I went to another dinner hosted by the same company who hosted the last drug dinner I went to. But this doesn't count the Kona dinner because that wasn't a drug inservice, but rather a drug rep feeling generous with their company's expense account.

Thank goodness for drug reps, otherwise I would have been sitting at home because I depleted my checking account on bills. Without drug reps, I might not ever get out of the house.

This time, dinner was at JJ's on the Plaza (I couldn't find their website...if they even have one). It was a much smaller gathering, and we even had elbow room!

Drunky Drunkerson didn't go.

About 8 nurses from my floor went. The tables seated 6, but we crowded together anyway to avoid anyone being left out to socialize with, God forbid, nurses from other hospitals. We had the if which being brie. I like brie, but brie is an acquired taste, so my enthusiasm was not shared by everyone. The free drinks poured. The speaker was much better...he didn't drag out molecular charts and proceed to bore us to death.

Then came salad, a stellar main course, and dessert of cheesecake. They even boxed up slices for us to take home. Cheesecake doesn't stand a chance in my's already gone.

Topics of conversation varied, I think most everyone in the entire room was discussing the whole 14-year-old-brain-dead-kid. Some items were brought up that I had never even heard before. After having hearing them, I can say that while the mother may be in grief and whatnot, she's really, really dumb. I didn't need anyone else to tell me that...I pretty much figured that one out on my own when I saw her talking on the news going between "he's already expired" to "he's going to walk out of this hospital".

Oh well. I hope everything gets settled early next week.

The manager's office for my apartment complex dropped off a copy of a new lease today. I have no intention of signing it, but I did look it over and see that they were raising my rent by $100 a month. I can afford the increase, but it is hard to see just where the money is going...unless you count all the trees they are chopping down. I'm going to try to make an arrangement to extend my current lease by 3 months because hopefully I will be a homeowner by early fall.

As usual, I work tonight. I hope I have a good night, and I don't have to lay the smack down on anyone.

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