Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Happy Nurses Week!, ummm, this is Nurses Week. The hospital and my floor have cooked up all kinds of stuff to "celebrate". Most all those activities entail the day shift, while as usual, night shift is left to fend for themselves.

My some bright minds on my unit designed these t-shirts for us to wear during Nurses Week. How the Bosshole managed to approve them is beyond my level of comprehension. The shirts are plain white, our hospital logo/mascot on the back, and on the front of the shirt is the name of our unit. Underneath that, "Penthouse Crew" (because we work on the top floor and it is rather posh).

Most everyone bought a shirt, even though most have said they will not wear them (to work) because of the whole "Penthouse" thing. I told some folks if they wanted, I could design an extra applique to go under that which would read something like, "Beaver Hunt" because anyone who sees these shirts, who doesn't know the inside joke, is naturally going think we have some sort of centerfold spread agreement with the porn mag Penthouse.

Oh joy. I can't wait until my turn as Miss March! Then I can wear a naughty nurse outfit.*

Most of the activities slated for the week (where I work), usually have something to do with food. So, Nurses Week will mostly consist of grazing, followed up by our first Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday.

So far, I have celebrated this week by planting a garden, cleaning the apartment, shampooing the carpets, doing laundry, trying to figure out what "having potential" means in the dating world, and arguing with the body shop. I can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for me!

So, if you have a nurse in your life, honor her/him this week by not telling them about your draining open wounds, or that "rash" that won't quite go away. Give them flowers, balloons, and dorky little teddy bears dressed up in nursing costumes (I think I have five of them).

Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for our Penthouse spread!

*Real nurses usually don't have Naughty Nurse costumes. We play them in real life, so we are not all that interested in indulging your fantasies by playing a fake one. Sorry!

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Xavier Onassis said...

So, asking "does this look infected to you" would be a bad thing?

Nurses are some of the hardest working, least appreciated, underpaid, tolerant people in the world. I can't believe the abuse they put up with from whiney ass bitches. I'm not sure who abuses them more...the complaining patients or the megalomaniacal doctors. Why they do it, I'll never know.

This is just my way of sucking up to the entire nursing profession in anticipation of my next peri-anal abcess that they have to drain while the doctor is "in surgery" (i.e. golfing)

Ah, the glamor of Nursing!