Wednesday, March 21, 2007

32! 32! 32! 32!

I can't recollect the one time I had my face buried in another woman's hoo-hah. I probably can't recollect because it was 32 years ago today, and that other woman was my mother.

She was giving birth to me...for those of you who were starting to get excited.
Today was like any other day.
Somehow, a rumor got started that I don't ever like making a fuss or anything on my birthday. Since then, I've been lucky to get a card. On my 30th birthday, Paul (not dating!) built me a favorite of yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I didn't know what to make of it...but the cake was pretty damn tasty.
I think this rumor is the direct result of someone not wanting to buy me a present...or give me cake. Bastards.
So anyway, in honor of my birthday, I took a nap. Then, I watered the lawn, grilled a pork chop, painted my nails, and had some cake batter ice cream. It's not a real cake, but good enough.
However, I'm open to belated birthday celebrations if anyone has any ideas.


martinoffroad said...

Happy Belated Birthday Heather!

Faith said...


Suggestions on belated celebrations: none. Sorry. What you did sounds like the perfect birthday to me! A nap and EVERYTHING!! Lucky bitch.

Tell Paul that 32 is just as important as 30, dammit, and you'll be expecting that cake any minute now...

Annie said...

Happy birthday!

But I gotta tell ya, the more ya have, the less important they become. Trust me on this one.

SmedRock said...

Celebreate every birthday, trust me on that. Happy birthday! I remember 32. lol

Have a good weekend, and thank Paul (Not Dating!) for the cake.

Kristine said...

Happy Birthday!!! And I gotta say, the fact that you're a nurse and referred to a certain body part as a "hoo-hah" made this post for me. :)

Seriously...have a GREAT YEAR!!

Melinda said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Napping sounds like a great idea.

Marti said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday my darlin' (no ghey - LOL)
Happy birthday to you!