Saturday, March 10, 2007

Morning Drive Home

This morning, I got off work and was very excited about going home and going to bed. So, I'm tooling down northbound I-35 and prepare to get onto 70, except there's orange cones everywhere, most of them already driven over. I-70 is CLOSED. A couple cars almost drove over more cones, meanwhile, a late model Civic in 80's teal just sat there, contemplating their next move. They sat there for quite a while.

No signs warning traffic about the close. No detour signs. All leaving bleary-eyed people like me meandering downtown looking for a way out, or a Starbucks.

Kansas City roadwork at it's finest.

So, I had to try to navigate around downtown in an effort to take me the eastern side so I could find a place to get on the open part of 70 (apparently, they were only working on the part that goes under Bartle Hall and beside the Fruit Bowl (aka Sprint Center). This was a challenge as well because everything around that area is closed, torn up...all in the name of beautification for the KC Power and Light District. I hate you, Kay Barnes.

I drove, and drove. I ended up by the Folgers Plant. Drove past the Fruit Bowl three times. Finally, I ended up on Truman road going east, crossing such delightful areas like Holmes, Paseo, Prospect. I had no fear, however. Thugs involved in that gang war were sleeping in on a Saturday. That's how it works...they shoot each other into the late hours of the night, they go to bed, sleep in, and rap about it when they wake up...which is never before lunchtime.

I finally found a ramp to get on 70, and I made it home to the warm confines of my bed.

Tonight is Daylight Savings Time, which means I will be working for eleven hours instead of twelve. The downside is that I have to use an hour of PTO to make up the difference.

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead! Hopefully, we won't have a small global meltdown.

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