Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Set of Matching Silverware Please!

At the urging of many friends and coworkers, I registered today for a Housewarming gift registry. Everyone at the store was excited for me, until they realized that it was a housewarming and not a bridal registry. Sorry to disappoint!

My list is somewhat small, compared to someone who is just starting out and has to have everything. Instead of someone like me, who already has almost everything. Most of the things on my list are upgrades, additionals, and a couple wishful things tossed in. Do I expect to get everything on my list? No, but it will give people ideas. The registry stays active for two years, so at least Mom will know what to give me for Christmas...until 2009.

Registering took a couple of hours, meandering around the store and scanning stuff with the little scanner gun. However, some boxes I had to tip over just to get to the bar codes. I'm here to say that a complete set of Pyrex is rather heavy.

I've set the date for my housewarming party at the end of the month. Weather permitting, we will be grilling out, and general debauchery that only nurses are familiar with.

It should be a fun night for all.

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