Thursday, February 14, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Whiskey Tango Edition

Some saucy little tidbits about the latest show that Extreme Makeover and channel 9 failed to mention (but make for an interesting read).*

-Dan and his wife are on-again, off-again. His wife has been passed around more times than a doobie at a Grateful Dead concert.

-Dan's wife left him for an Army recruiter when he got his leg blown off. She could have at least kept it within the Marine Corp.

-A year or so before E.M. approached, both Dan and wife came into large amount of money. Hers from Ford as severance, his from the military. The figures relayed to me were as little as $250K and as much as $400K.

-They pissed all the money on vacations, new cars, and crap they can't account for...including a "renewal of vows" in their backyard.

-The ex took the $5000 ring he bought her (with said money mentioned above), pawned it, and ran off with another guy.

-Dan knew about the E.M. house before his wife remarried. He waited to tell her two days after the wedding.

-Her anger was a sight to behold.

-She stalked the family.

-A restraining order had to be taken out against her until after the house was completed.

-All four kids do not live with Dan. Two live with him, two live with the mother...who lives close by. This is so Dan does not have to pay child support.

-Dan has a fifth child (in her early teens) that lives with her mother in North Carolina. Dan has not paid child support in years.

-This daughter did not get to go to Disney with the rest of the family.

-When asked about what type a house he wanted, Daniel said he wanted a two-story log cabin, with a finished basement. And separate living quarters for his Mom.

-When asked where they would like E.M. to send the family for the week vacation, Dan said Ireland.

-Dan didn't want new Ford vehicle. He wanted something different because he just purchased a brand new Ford truck. E.M. told him to just trade in the new vehicle and keep the cash.

-Dan's kids had/have an issue with lice...for at least a year.

-Dumbass mother's solution: "treated" the lice by pouring kerosene on their heads.

-The entire house now has an issue with lice. I hope Ty bought RID before going home.

-Dan's ex is still bitter about not being part of the E.M. experience. In a case of sour grapes, she continues to be a bitch, including dragging the kids into the fray.

-Dan got at least $10K in cash at the viewing party. Chances are fairly good he's not going to pay up on that child support he owes to the daugher he ignores in North Carolina.

-Dan will probably end up taking crazy ex back because he's the world's biggest jackass, and that's what he does.

Yeah, I know he lost a leg and touted as a war hero and blah, blah, blah. This whole situation just illustrates that even douchebags join the military and go to war. Just because you are injured in the line of duty, it doesn't mean it wipes clean your title of Deadbeat Dad. One could argue that karma is the reason he was injured, but that wouldn't explain a network building him a new house. Read the news and you can find 10 more deserving individuals out there.

You have to wonder just how well ABC researches these so-called "deserving" families they build the houses for. The whole situation is disgusting.

I'm never watching ABC again.

*as reported to me by sources close to the family

RDM posted a brilliant take on the Extreme Makeover, and his experience with the military. Check it out.


Midtown Miscreant said...

Makes you wonder the rest of the story behind alot of those shows.

meesha.v said...

this (not in so much detail) was discussed in the comments to the star's article. when I mentioned it at work, I was told that these are the people who hate the military and how do I know it's true. I don't, but something is not right here.

Heather said...

I love the military. A man in uniform does it for me.

However, I loathe Deadbeat Dads.

RDM said...

You told me that you had the "real" story on this deal. I am going to comment and link to your story. Great read!!

SmedRock said...

Quit watching ABC years ago. But you are right, a hero doe snot a war make. When I was in service the only hero discussed as a dead hero.

This guy is W.T. to a fault, and is currently acting it. Deadbeat dad ruin more that they realise. Oh well.

He'll ptolly burn his house down while cooking some meth.

RDM said...

Smed, that was a low blow. I wouldn't be surprised, though. At the end of the day, this guy has to look himself in a mirror. From the looks of it, if he's skipping out on child support for the N.C. kid, then he's a real loser.

ABC had to have known all of this stuff. They are jokes.

Mark said...

So did you verify any of this with independent sources?
How do we know these sources "close to the family" didn't have an ax to grind of some sort?
The fact that they gave you all this detailed info...just because you asked?...kinda smells in and of itself. Am i calling you a liar? No, absolutely not! However, I'm not ready to take this "info" at face value either. Because if it's not really true or the information not complete or taken completely out of context, then you have done a disservice to him, his family and to your readers.
I think I would have to give more weight to the opinions of his character by the men who served with him, and who know him best.

Meredith said...

I am VERY proud of Daniel and his commitment to make his life a great example for his children... The gentleman who "dug up the dirt" needs to get ACCURATE information...
1. Yes, his wife had several affairs...and Daniel forgave her and tried to make it work for the sake of his children...she chose to leave..and remarried... now is already separated from that guy...I'll let the track record speak for itself
2. The wife came back after Daniel received $50,000 from the Marines for his TSGLI payment... she convinced him to do the renewal of vows for $15,000...then left 90 days later...
3.The ex knew about the Extreme Makeover opportunity within 2 days of it being an option..she was married several weeks later and had tried to sabotage the Extreme Makeover opportunity for Daniel in the interim.
4.Daniel has full custody of all 4 children and he does pay child support for his 5th child
5. Daniel never asked for a 2 story log cabin... and he never asked to go to Ireland... I know, I nominated him and completed the application.
6. Daniel had a new truck and when EMHE gave him a $40,000 voucher to purchase a new Ford vehicle, he used it to purchase a new car for his Mom and he and his brothers delivered it to her with a bow on it to say thank you for all she had done for them growing up.
7. Daniel received no money at the viewing party... the money raised was used to pay bills directly and was not given to him at all.

Daniel is an amazing American and I am proud to know him! He sacrificed for all of our freedom and I recommend next time, you simply say "Thank you for your service"