Thursday, February 14, 2008


Status of the PT...

The friendly guy from the garage called...with a list.

"Be gentle." I said before he started to read off said list.

Some sort of thermostat housing is bad, causing it to rain antifreeze on the belts...hence the squealing. So, I obviously need new belts. Some sort of gasket with the transmission is bad, causing a leak of tranny fluid. Thankfully, they don't have to drop the transmission to fix it.

I also have another bad tire.

Without the tire, we're talking just under $500. Or in other words, my new bathroom tile. At least until next month.

I took Mom to dinner tonight at Corner Cafe before I picked it up from the garage. A big, hairy Italian that kind of looked like Big Pussy from The Sopranos. He was there with his wife/girlfriend/whatever. He was an asshole to his date and the wait staff. Douche. At one point, I was waiting for one more insult before I turned around and dumped my iced tea on his nasty, greasy head.

After dinner, I drained the tile portion of my bathroom remodel budget to pay for the car repairs and came home. I had planned on treating myself to a pedicure, but I figured I blew enough money today and called it good. Tomorrow, I'll go to a real tire store and replace the gimpy tire that's currently on the car.

Now that I have my car back, I have no legitimate excuse to call in tomorrow night.


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