Friday, February 29, 2008


I bought some handy dandy professional grade whitening strips from the dentist's office. I considered having bleaching trays made, but after talking with my dentist, it would be a waste of my money. He said I only had two more shades of white to go up to top whiteness.

See, I told you I have the mad toothbrush skillz. And the only thing I do is brush regularly with plain whitening toothpaste by Crest, use floss, and drink most of my beverages through a straw. I think it's the last one that has particularly saved my teeth. That, and I don't smoke.

The dentist charges $325 just to get the trays made. That kind of money for two shades...whatever. I just bought the white strips for $30. I'm replacing a couple crowns, and I want the crowns and the teeth to match in color. Preferably white.

I'm sort of obsessed about my teeth like that.

The kit I bought was a seven day regimen. I started day one yesterday. I was so impressed because the strips were wax-like, and conformed to my teeth. Not like those other strips that just sort of slide around.

My bottom teeth hurt so bad. Right now!! This seven day regimen is probably going to be a seven week regimen. Meanwhile, Tylenol is my best friend. And Sensodyne toothpaste. Ice is evil. And yawning outside.

The things we do for vanity.


Melinda said...

I had the same problem when I bleached my teeth. I found it odd that teeth could ache, and I just wanted to pry them out of my mouth!

Well Hell Michelle said...

Oh yeah, the bleach doesn't feel to hot, does it?

I had the bleaching trays for years until my dog decided they were chew toys. I'm still debating whether the expense of having new ones made is actually worth it.

Faith said...

I had the same issue with the strips I bought from the store (Crest, for those who are wondering...), and I told my dental hygenist when I saw her the next time for a cleaning. She gave me these nifty little things that look like one-ended q-tips that I snap in the middle, and then it dispenses this sensitivity preventing stuff into the q-tip end, which I then rubbed onto my teeth.

Worked great! For about 2 hours. Then my teeth hurt again.

I don't mind having yellow teeth all that much...