Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sure to Cure What Ails You!

I was checking my email. Brother was watching the news. I heard music, then I heard Brother giggling.

I stopped and listened more closely to the music.

"The Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center!" sang a happy little man on a commercial touting this office that you may go to and get your hemorrhoids treated. (I wonder how long it will take before someone drags their spouse in just because they are a pain in the ass.)

In spite of the GINORMOUS sinus headache I have right now, I busted out laughing. Brother joined in.

You just see if you can keep a straight face when you see the commercial.


Rachel said...

My whole family collapses into laughter every time that commercial comes on, too. I would love to see the look on the face of the production company, looking over an actor's resume, seeing "Sang in a happy hemorrhoid commercial" listed. Oscar material, I tell you!

Nuke said...

"...don't suffer in silence"

ROFL };-

Nightmare said...

I love that song! I want to go in even though I don't have the "roids"