Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday's Musings

I didn't get to see any of the superbowl commercials, and I missed the halftime show (I read it was about as exciting as a warm tapwater enema). I did catch bits and pieces, and the last five minutes of the game. I was in a patient room doing the nurse thing when the game-winning touchdown happened. The husband of the patient and myself danced around the room. The patient sat in bed and was doing a little dance of her own, waving her arms around and grinning wide.

Sometimes, I really like what I do.


I totally missed the Soulard Mardi Gras festivities in St. Louis this weekend. I love Mardi Gras, and I'm not even Catholic. I've been to the St. Louis festivities once, and that was years ago. I ended up in a choice viewing location for the parade and getting a shit ton of beads. A group of guys walked by me and I heard one say,"Man, she must've showed her boobs to everyone!!!"

Puh-lease. I don't showcase the dairy cannons for cheap plastic beads.

Now, if they are cheap plastic beads with blinking lights, then we'll talk.

I remember standing in the street with my boyfriend while some college-aged girls were doing the boobs for beads thing from their apartment balcony. Below them were a cluster of guys, cameras at the ready, waiting for the right moment to snap away. I turned and asked my boyfriend what the big deal was. It's not like guys have never seen female breasts before.

"It's not just about seeing the boobs," he explained. "It's the fact that we got strange, random girls to show them to us for two-cent beads."

So, in other words, girls are retarded.

Anyway, I love everything about Mardi Gras. The colors. The traditions. Finding the baby Jesus in the King Cake that usually isn't very tasty, even though I always thought it a little disturbing that people put a baby Jesus figure in a baked confection. I always asked my Catholic friends what it meant if you accidentally cut off His head when you were cutting the cake.

Before I croak, I want to go to New Orleans and experience the real Mardi Gras experience. Anyone want to tag along with me, say, next year??

For now, I'd settle for an impromptu Fat Tuesday gathering here in town. Any takers??


Melinda said...

Dude! If I can get away, I'm totally in. Even though I'll be in Indiana. And if I was in town (and I will be in 3 weeks!), I'd go out for Fat Tuesday with ya. Nice blog changes, by the way.

Spyder said...

I'm game for Tuesday. Could even watch the primary results....

Spyder said...

Damn! Was just reminded of a previous commitment for supper. But could meet afterwards.

Nuke said...

Ugh, I'm fat every Tuesday, but booked up for this. If you go, have a manly drink for me. You know, beer or bourbon, none o that froo-froo stuff!

Faith said...

I went down to N.O. once in May, and it was a fucking mess. No freaking WAY would I go there during Mardi Gras!

But I don't like crowds much, so I'm not the best person for that sort of thing.

It was fun, though, and I plan on going back some day...just not during Mardi Gras ever.