Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

My friend, Kant, posted this meme, and I thought I would return the favor. Lots of you have met me, some of you haven't. Post anyway.

Here is how the game is played:
1) Think of a memory about me. It could be one with us together, one you heard about or one you witnessed.
2) Leave said memory in the comments. Anything is fair game but be nice! :-)
3) Post the instructions on your blog so I can return the favor!


emawkc said...

I remember the time when I was visiting you and your father in that hotel you used to run on Key Largo.

Remember? We basically became prisoners in you own hotel when a mob of gangsters hole up there to await the passing of a hurricane.

I remember how strongly your dad reviled Rocco (the gangster boss) but due to his infirmities could only confront him verbally.

I myself was reluctant to act against the mobsters, having become disillusioned by the violence of war.

But Rocco's demeaning treatment of his alcoholic goomah, and his complicity in the deaths of some innocent Seminole Indians and a deputy sheriff motivated me to overcome my Hamlet-like inaction.

Well, you remember how it all ended I'm sure.

K2 said...

There really are so many to mention. I always loved hanging out at your apartment and just talking. I love that we had a group of friends to do things with all of the time. I love that we are still friends and even if we don't talk every day, when we do it feels natural. You are awesome!
The Thanksgiving sleepover will always be a great memory.
And when we made up when Jared came home from his mission..another day that will live in infamy in my mind.

Loves you!