Friday, August 29, 2008


I knew McCain would be announcing his running mate, but I didn't set my alarm clock to get up just to see who it was. I figured the news would still be dissecting it ad nauseum when I was getting ready for work. I was right.

I figured he would select either Romney or some other dude. Boy, was I wrong on both counts. He named a woman I hadn't even heard of. Hell, I don't think most anyone outside of Alaska has heard of this woman.

I find myself conflicted about this choice. Those for McCain slam Obama for lack of experience, and yet he selects someone who has less than 2 years experience as governor. She claims to have 13 years experience in government, but I really don't think being Wasilla City (population 6,715) councilwoman and mayor exactly prepares you for running an entire country. Now, I like McCain, but he isn't exactly a spring chicken. Due to his age and health, there is a high possibility that Palin could end up in the oval office by the time the 2012 elections roll around. Could she step up the plate and be the strong leader we need? Or just cave in and merely act as a puppet to those around her?

There's another thing that nags at me. 18million people voted for Hillary Clinton. Did McCain select Palin for the "vagina vote". Did he hope to sway those 18 million voters to his camp just to trade one vagina for another (because leave it to a man to think that all vaginas are the same). If that's the case, I think it's pretty arrogant on his part, and I would be insulted if I were a Clinton supporter.

I hope her nomination isn't just some gimmick. I'd like to think that voters are smarter than that, but all you have to do is look back on the past couple of elections to believe otherwise.

I'm still on the fence for this elections. I really like both candidates (Which has NEVER happened before. Hell, I've hated most candidates.). This election will find me listening and researching before I cast my vote. I never thought I would be saying this, but my vote could very well come down to the VP candidate. I'd also venture a guess that I won't be alone in my sentiment.

Whatever the case may be, this is a very exciting time to be witnessing. Either way, this is monumentally historic. It still comes down to the first: woman or African American in office.

Which is America more ready for?

We'll find out come November.


Donna said...

You like both candidates? Now THERE'S a statement I haven't seen or heard during this election year!

bobbie said...

Great post, Heather!!

On a side note... FillMySubscriiption's blog is gone!! ("removed")
Why, oh why, I wonder????????

Heather said...

I noticed that also, Bobbie. It makes me sad as I really enjoyed her blog.

gmcountrymama said...

I think it is definately a gimmick. I really want a women, but she stands against everything I believe in. I just don't know. I guess I still have time to decide.

Spyder said...

I'm NOT ready for an anti choice, Christian right VP who will be Pres. possibly.

Beckle the Freckle said...

Did you hear they just broke the news that her underage daughter is pregnant?

Heather said...

I just read that. So much for Palin's Abstinence-Only Sex Ed.