Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's Going On


This weekend, Mom was coughing so much (from a sinus infection), that she jarred the vision in her left eye. This morning, I took her to an eye appointment. After a brief exam and history rundown by a tech that, while nice, was two seconds away from getting her ass handed to her by Yours Truly, Mom was seen by the doctor. A nice woman with a soft voice. She did her exam and became concerned. Very concerned. She practically freaked out.

She immediately made arrangements for Mom to see a retina specialist this afternoon. Just so you get a picture on the severity, when I call to make an appointment to see the retina specialist, he's booked solid and I usually have to wait 3 months to see him.

We go to the retina specialist at the office I usually go to. Unfortunately, the retina specialist I know and love cannot see her, but one of the others can. The old fart who founded that particular clinic. I think he was alive when dirt was clean. His bible is signed by the original author. You get my point.

Dr. Wet-Blanket does his exam and the findings are not good. How not good? She's got an appointment for laser-surgery-first-thing-in-the-morning-not-good. I will be taking her. Fortunately, such things are out-patient. But still, it's alarming. Mom's worried and upset. It didn't help that Dr. Wet-Blanket was not very comforting, condescending and an all-round douche. He came within minutes from death today. He just has no idea.

I'm optimistic that things will work out, but you never know with such things. I know what it is to lose your eyesight. Mom has never experienced it, and the thought terrifies her. It scares me, too.

I'm a hardass. She is not. I can cope with these sort of things. I've been coping with crap like this my entire life. It's almost like I was born just for that reason. Mom, on the other hand, is not like me.

So, pray to whatever God you pray to. Cast a spell. Hug a tree. Spread magic fairy dust. Whatever you do, think of my Mom tomorrow.

And pray that I don't throttle her doctor.


K2 said...

Tell your mom I will be thinking of her..:-( That is not fun at all..let us all know how things work out.

Loves and Hugs!

Rachel said...

It's good that your Mom has you, and your strength, on her side. I'll be thinking about her (and you!)


Melinda said...

I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

Sully Sullivan said...

Very best of luck to mom!

Hopefully it's nothing sight threatening. I can't possibly imagine what it would be like to lose my sight.

Faith said...

I'll pray for her (and the doctor)!!

(But just as an aside, the whole "alive when dirt was clean" bit? VERY distracting. I giggled during a post that shouldn't be giggle-worthy! You bitch!)

Jay said...

Thoughts and prayer! Hope the doctor gets his act together!