Friday, March 17, 2006

Erin go blah

Today is St. Patrick's Day.

Big stinking deal. Well, it is here in Kansas City. I've never seen a place go so ape-shit over a holiday. It's bigger than Christmas here. I checked on a live feed from the parade. Yawn. Just a bunch of cars decorated with streamers and balloons, all in a row. Maybe when it reaches proportions of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with the big floats and balloons, then I will get excited. I've been to one St. Pat's parade, and it was about as entertaining as watching one of those fishing shows on tv.

I'm always surprised at how many people look forward to this holiday, if only for the simple fact that they will go out and proceed to drink themselves into liver failure (job security for me!). A good friend of mine actually has a goal: to be able to pee green for the 3rd year in a row. (In case you are confused, most bars color their beer green...hence, the green pee). I wonder how many people, who are not at all Irish but celebrate the day as if they were anyway, actually know of the origins of St. Patrick's Day. It would be interesting to hear their Irish man chased the rats out of town with a flute made from a potato, perhaps? I don't think anyone particularly cares. It's just an excuse to go out and get drunk.

Like some people actually need an excuse.

If you ask me, I think the Swiss get shafted. Because I am from Swiss ancestry(on my father's side), I have particular interest. Germans get a whole week (Oktoberfest), the Irish get today, the Chinese have their event (not certain about the Japanese, though). What about the Swiss? Doesn't anyone care about those who brought you fine chocolate?? I think that should be reason enough to have Swiss Day.

As you can see, I am not partaking of the festival o' green. I have to work tonight, which means I will get to see the aftermath of it all. Drunks on Parade...right through our Emergency Department. The most celebratory thing I did today was stuff a corned beef and a head of cabbage in my crock pot. It should be ready about the time I have to go to work.

And no, I am not wearing green. If someone pinches me, I'm going to break my foot off in their ass.

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Jared said...

Swiss Cheese Day?