Thursday, March 16, 2006

Graduation Week

I love having 4 days off in a row. I love the fact that out of those 4 days this week, I have mostly slept for 3 of them.

As Martha would say, "It's a good thing."

Oh, I managed to call the insurance claims number and secure an appointment to take my car in (next week). And I managed to buy a few things on E-bay. Mom and I went to dinner Monday night and we saw a midget lady there. My mother, who stands at a staggering 4'10", suddenly had the overwhelming urge to stand up. It's a sad thing when only midgets are shorter than you.

With today being Thursday, I guess I will go out and do some laundry. I may even hit the gym. It looks like it might even be a nice day, so I could take Sam to the park.

Last night was Sam's graduation from Obedience School. Only the second set of classes I have shelled out money for...and predictably, he was the class clown. He never wanted to do what I wanted him to do. He would just flop around on the ground and make growling noises. I resigned myself to the fact that I just pissed another $100 down the drain.

Just to show that Sam is an asshole, he decided to do everything almost perfectly last night during his "test". Bastard. The instructor thought Sam was a marvelous and well-mannered dog. I wanted to tell her, "No, he is an asshole. When it is time for him to go in his kennel, he runs and hides under my bed."

But I am an asshole, too. In that respect, there is no denying that he was meant to be my dog.


t. durden said...

Just dropping by to say hello, I know its been awhile. School and such. Congratulations on your (demon)dog's graduation. But he seems so adorable. Steak and BJ, huh? Scary.

Heather said...

I did not participate in S&BJ Day.

I would have sent out cards instead, but they don't make any.

I didn't participate in Valentine's Day I guess I am good.