Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Other Side of 30

Yesterday was my birthday. Funny...31 feels no different than 30.

I woke up to a half a dozen emailed birthday wishes in my mailbox...mostly from the message boards I belong to. Mom called, Paul called last night and left a harrowing rendition of "Happy Birthday" on my voicemail. Mom took me out to dinner. Kant called to tell me she found a job, but forgot it was my birthday. That's okay. I forgive her. She figured it out and I was treated to the ear-splitting Kieffer Happy Birthday Chorus.

And that was my birthday in a nutshell.

Today should prove to be more entertaining. I have to go get a new drivers license. Laundry. Take the car to the claims adjustor (keep your fingers crossed they don't total it). I'll probably tidy up the house as well.

So ends a boring post, but I thought I might share an update.

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Kristine said...

Belated Happy Birthday! And hey - yesterday may have felt no different from 30, but maybe you'll feel 16 again today going to get a new drivers license and all. :)