Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Extortion: Kansas City Style

In about a month, Jackson county folks will be asked to vote for a tax increase that would fund the improvements to both Arrowhead and Royals stadiums, in addition to putting some pop-up picnic umbrella that would qualify as a rolling roof.

All in the name of seducing the Super Bowl to come to KC.

Because let's face it, the Royals won't be making it to another World Series anytime soon.

While hosting the Super Bowl sounds like a pretty stellar idea, I'm not too impressed with how they plan on paying for this expensive project to make the stadiums all shiny and new. Everyone knows Jackson county is among the poorest in the area. Everyone also knows that the majority of people who hold season tickets are from Johnson County, Kansas. It might even be safe to say that more people from JoCo attend Chiefs games than any other county.

Somehow, expecting Jackson county to foot the entire bill for this is like me going on my cruise next year, and expecting my younger brother and his struggling family to pay for it.

Considering they charge, what, $25-$30 just to park there, not counting the tickets AND what they charge for hotdogs...I have a hard time believing the teams are having a hard time finding moeny to pay for their own umbrella.

Today, The Star ran some story about it...which boiled down to an ultimatum by both the Chiefs and Royals camps. "Pass the measure, or we are going to move elsewhere."

A scare tactic to be certain. I think it's bullshit, and I love the Chiefs. Royals games are fun, but my love for baseball has yet to be discovered since the strike. Attending a T-Bones game is much more enjoyable...and cheaper.

I remember in nursing school being taught that when someone makes a demand, "Love me or I will set myself on fire..." you should tell them to go ahead and light the match.

If they do set themselves on fire, the least you can do is call the fire department...but I digress.

So, I wonder if KC will call their bluff. Maybe the Chiefs will move, maybe Johnson County can build them a new stadium and they can move there, where the residents are more than willing to spend $10 for a bag of peanuts. It's widely known the county has more dollars than sense anyway...

Or just pass a bi-state tax...but there would be too much bitching involved. Most of if would come from south of the Dot.

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Jared said...

I hate Johnson County with a passion, though I'm in Utah which is just JoCo but in state form.

Hopefully, the Jackson County voters will be smart and vote no.