Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunday Night Blather

I came to work in my damaged car. The only aide we had scheduled tonight called in because she claimed her car was totaled by the hail damage, and with the tornado that ripped through the apartment complex, she couldn't possibly come in. Incidentally, she lives in the next building over from me. And that alleged tornado...never came to my neighborhood. However, the warning siren did wake me up. I suppose I should have sought shelter in the bathtub with my dog and two cats, but instead I just rolled over and went back to sleep. I figured if the tornado wanted me, it could have me...and I wouldn't have to come back into work tonight.

At any rate, the aide called in because she made out like it was the Wizard of Oz and the tornado planted a house on her car. Incidentally, she wasn't home when I left for work (I know this because her "totally demolished" car was gone). I think she just wanted to go and shag her very serious boyfriend of 5 weeks.

My car looked worse dry than it did this morning when it was all wet. I think 85% of the car is covered in dents. I didn't spot any cracks in the windshield, or paint I guess I fared better than other people. Someone was killed when a tornado deposited a trailer on top of her. It just goes to show that tornados have an affinity for mobile homes. I don't know if one has already been done, but someone should do a scientific study to prove this.

My little brother, Mike came over and woke me up today. I hate it when people wake me up on the weekends. Some folks have no consideration for us individuals who make the world go round during off-peak hours. He wanted my webcam, which I gladly gave him because I wanted him to go away. Had he asked for $1000, I probably would have written out a check if it meant he would let me go back to bed. Ever been so tired you could fall asleep on the toilet? That was me.

He mentioned he had gone to see Peanut and her parents. Mike asked me what was going on with Mom. I wasn't certain what he was asking, then he mentioned that John and Kelli noticed a difference when we were at the hospital. Different hairstyle, different makeup. I shrugged and explained that Mom was going through a late mid-life crisis. She is getting hip to the internet with her fellow circle of online domino-playing buddies. She got her hair highlighted, she got a fun purse, she likes to go out for Happy Hour with the ladies from work. She will be going skydiving next. Everything sort of happened around her 51st birthday, and she decided she wasn't going to age quietly. I told Mike it wasn't anything to worry about...he would not be seeing his mother dancing at a peeler club anytime in the near future. He was relieved. No normal person would ever want to see their mother dancing in a peeler club. I saw her pole dance on a beach in Costa Maya while she was sauced on tequila (last year).

I still have nightmares.

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