Thursday, April 12, 2007

At Last!!

I have finally found a name for those little prickly bastards all over my back yard. Sweet Gum Balls...hailing from a Sweet Gum Tree. Apparently, they produce pretty leaves, particularly in the fall, in addition to those annoying little balls that fall to the ground.

Two fully grown Sweet Gum trees in my yard = hundreds, if not thousands, of prickly balls in my back yard.

Monday is Leaf day. I have to have all my bags of leaves out front for the garbage man to pick up. I'm limited to twenty bags. I've got five bags so far, and a shit ton of leaves and those annoying balls still laying around the back yard. With all the rain, not to mention cold, I haven't been able to go outside and finish the job. So, this could mean I just put what I have out on Monday, collect the rest and keep it stored in my shed until the next Leaf day...which won't be until the fall.

Meanwhile, the grass seed I spread is sprouting...sparsely. At some point, I'm going to have to break out the mower and trim my new grass...which will be the equivalent of trimming the five remaining hairs left on a bald man's head. Just a trim, mind you. I wouldn't want the yard (or the guy's head) to look bald.

I can't wait for the weather to get back to normal so I can resume work on the yard. It looks so bad right now, if there were a rusted out car sitting there, it would all look appropriate.


Xavier Onassis said...

"prickly balls in my back yard"

Do I even need to leave a comment about this?

Wasn't that the name of Anna Nicole's last movie?

emawkc said...

My Supermodel Wife refers to something else as "sweet gum balls" (wink wink).

I was just thinking that would make a good old-timey expletive. Like "SWEET GUM BALLS! That water is cold!"

Marti said...

Prickly balls are bad, bad things - lol

Looks like we're in for some snow tonight - I hope your grass survives (but I hope it kills all of mine - I don't want to have to mow - lol)

Hope you have a great weekend - happy Friday the 13th!

Hound Doggy said...

Growing up, we had a sweet gum tree that would reach out and knock you off the mower. Evil tree, evil spawn.

Paul said...

What happened to the warmth of the space heater?????? It suddenly feels cool...........did I mention I ran out of cookies?

"The D" said...

Monday was Patriots day. Trash will be a day behind.

Sorry about the late word.

Heather said...

They picked up the trash on Monday, but left the yard waste behind. :o(