Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Meeting of the Minds

I went to the Meet and Greet, and predictably...I was late. So, I missed out meeting X-Man, Emaw, and a couple others that left before I even got there.

However, you bitches that didn't show (and you know who you are!) owe me a drink!!

Everyone seemed really nice. I was turned on to a couple blogs I hadn't really read before, but will be reading from now on. It's refreshing to know that in a city full of idiots, you can find more than one person who can string together sentences to form intelligent conversation. I was also struck by meeting people who actually knew what was going on in Kansas City government, and were pissed off enough to want to change it.

I didn't have much to say because there was so much to listen to, and I was just taking it all in. Like a buffet for my ears! Maybe next time I will have something clever to enlightening tales of patients who drink their own urine.


SmedRock said...

I would be one of the said bitches in question. Unfortunately I had things already planned for my youngin'. If this thing was closer to the weekend, oh yeah, definitely would have been on scene.


"The D" said...

I'm a bitch.

Nightmare said...

I ditched you owe me a drink for your tardiness.

emawkc said...

Hey Heather, it was a bummer to miss you. You're one of the people I was keen to meet in person. Unfortunatly, old farts like myself can't stay out late on school nites. Anyway, I'll definitely buy you the first drink next time.

SmedRock said...

W00t! Drunk Nurses!

Marti said...

I sure wish I could have been there! I'm just so pooped and sick of being in the car after all the driving I do in a day, I didn't have it in me.

But I owe you a drink, for sure!

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Mark said...

Who are you callin' young girlie!

Faith said...

Well, since all the OTHER bitches will be buying you a drink next time, I'll save mine for the NEXT next time.

*climbs back under rock*