Monday, April 02, 2007

Way to Represent!!

After a two-hour long spiel from the water softener guy who came to my house (I did end up buying a system, in case you were wondering), I skimmed through the channels to see what was on. The Bachelor was on channel 9, and just like any other tragic, mangled car accident on I-70, I had to stop and look.

Fortunately, I only caught the tail end, thereby saving me from watching a bunch of famewhore pinheads flip their hair, laugh at lame jokes and witticisms, and subtly (or not subtly) convey to the bachelor in question that they put out on the first date...and they take it in the butt.

No, I only got to see the Most. Dramatic. Rose. Ceremony. Ever. It's always fun to watch the rejects. Some cry, some shrug and move on with life, some are relieved. Or, someone has a complete psychotic breakdown. Lindsay, from Lawrence, Kansas. Crying, cursing, and just an overall sore loser. She confirmed pretty much what everyone has suspected about people from Lawrence.

They are completely insane.

So, here's to you, Lindsay, for setting a fine example, and representing the town who is desperately trying to rid itself of it's already crappy reputation. I'm sure the university won't think you are a complete idiot. Guys won't have to date you first before they find out you are Psycho Girlfriend because, thanks to your toddler tantrum on television, they will already know.

This is still the lamest show on the planet.


Marti said...

OMG, you should watch this new show on FX channel called, "The Riches". This is the greatest new show I have seen in AGES! If you’ve missed any episodes, the opening is a very nice round-up that describes how this family of Irish gypsies, known as “Travelers”, came to be living in a swanky, gated community.

It stars two of my favorites, Eddie Izzard and Minnie driver. They play a couple of American con-artists who take on the identity of a dead couple and move their family to the suburbs to live an "honest" life. Eddie Izzard becomes an attorney by default, and his con-artist skills fit perfectly, as he is able to BS his way through meetings.

Minnie Driver plays his wife, who was recently released from prison, after doing time for a scam-gone-bad. While inside, she became addicted to speed. When she is released, she discovers that her neighbor has prescriptions for little magic pills that give the same effect.

It is a truly magnificent program, showing the similarities between the con life and high-end society. It is warm and touching, and funny as hell. You HAVE to watch it!

Hope you have a terrific day!

Marti said...

Duh on me, I forgot to say that it is in the same time slot as The Bachelor, Monday night at 9 PM Central.

Xavier Onassis said...

"they put out on the first date...and they take it in the butt."

So, did they provide any sort of mailing address, or a phone number or something, maybe during the credits, where, you know, somebody who was a bachelor and might be interested in going on the show, could maybe get more details?

Not for ME, you understand. It's for "a friend".