Thursday, April 12, 2007

Need a Translator!

You owe a nigga? You don't wanna pay him?
Kill him, that's what they said ta ta disappear him
Y'all ain't got to believe me
When I'm done with this rhyme if theres time I'll hit a flick
Wit Mariella this connect bitch, Peruvian chick
She ain't hot but everytime I fuck the coke right drops
When it's time to get it on (what)
I pull over the thong (uh huh)
Fuck till I nut then get up, I'm gone (yeah)
Usualy hit it watchin tele way out in L.A.
I like it when she say "Papi I feel it in my Belly"
Call up all my niggaz in New York on the celly
First thing I'm sayin is "Nigga what da deally"
Pack a trey pound up under my Pelle Pelle
Y'all niggaz want war, clap clap, Oh really?
I watch niggaz slang packs in front of the deli
Got 20 inch chrome sittin on my perili
Lorenzo on the Benzo nigga you feel me?
50 Cent "You Ain't No Gangsta"
Get a blunt, roll the weed, light it up nigga,
Sipping on Gin and Juice fill up your cups nigga,
The Westcoast back crackin' like it's 94',
So bitch get on your knees and give me head like it's 94',
And don't come up for air 'til the beat drop,
I'm the Doctors Advocate call it a sneak peak,
at the mudafukn Detox, take note grab a pen,
And let the world know the west is ridin' again,
I Graduated from Dre's school top of my class,
Treat my switches like my bitches got me dropping that ass,
Still bangin' the chronic like doggiestyle came with it,
And I roll a sticky on my bitch back while I hit it,
I done been there, done that, had beefs and won that,
5 million records on 1 plaque I hung that,
Still got Dr. Dre low ridin' in the 64',
When you see us, throw it up for the fukin' Westcoast.
The Game "California Vacation"
Now you know and I know
Rule number one, you can't trust no ho
Now you can get caught up in the mix real fast
The ho gon' slip away and get away with all your cash
You got to stay upon your toes when it come to hos
I bust a brand new ho in every video
That's on the Pound and the Row when the wind blow
I pass a ho to my kinfolk
and then smoke
She say she was no groupie, coochie lookin juicy
She say she never ate a dick before but she gon' do me
Right before she do me, I blaze up a lupi
then turn on some Snoopy and, uhh, heat up jacuzzi
and later on I might just turn on a movie
so you can regroupie and redo me just for Snoopy
Snoop Dogg "Groupie"
"That's some nappy-headed hos there. I'm gonna tell you that now, man, that's some -- woo. And the girls from Tennessee, they all look cute, you know, so, like -- kinda like -- I don't know."
Don Imus: Imus in the Morning, April 4, 2007
Thank GOD they fired Don Imus. This sexist and racist pig was the biggest wrench in the machine of equality for all mankind. Had he not been fired, I'm confident that he would set the women's movement back 50 years. Lord only knows what he would have done to the African American population.
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Xavier Onassis said...

I understand what you're saying. I really do.

But it's just, not the same.

I fucking HATE rap music. I hate the lyrics, I hate the "gangsta" attitude, I hate the clothes, I hate the bowel-loosening sub-woofing bass, I hate the droopy ass pants that require one hand at the crotch at all times to keep them from falling around the ankles, I hate the $400 shoes worn by individuals who don't have a job. The whole hip-hop culture sickens me. It's demeaning, degrading and it probably does more to hold African-American youth back and keep them down than white people ever did. Because it makes them WANT to be there.

Clearly, I am NOT their target demographic. And yes, I DO realize that I sound EXACTLY like my father complaining about rock & roll in 1969.

But just because "they" do it, doesn't make it right or acceptable for us to do it.

It's different.

If you don't believe me, go down to 33rd and Prospect, stand on the corner and start reciting those lyrics.

I'll send flowers and a nice card. Not a Carlson. A Hallmark.

Heather said...'s not right for anyone to say those things. That's my point.

So, tell me why it's okay for one to say it and make money from it, and the other one says it and gets canned??

Xavier Onassis said...

Because one is saying it from within, and one is saying it from without.

One is saying it with a history of being oppressed, the other is saying it with a history of being an oppressor.

Words matter. And the weight to which they matter vary based on the context and the history and the source.

It's not "political correctness run amok". It's just a cold hard fact.


Heather said...

Either way...both are using derogatory terms against women. Because I happen to have a vagina, I get to say wrong on both counts.

SmedRock said...

Not fair! She pulled the sex card! On some parts I agree with Xo, to a point. You will not hear me walking through your house calling you a cracker or whatever term I can come up with because we would all most likely be white in that house at the time. This kind of language is used daily in front of small children. They are the ones I fear for, because they cannot change the environment. Drawing from some experience with my former profession, from what I see it is a distinct envy for those who manage to get an education or find a way to be successful in a legitimate fashion, thus breeding contempt and even hatred for those that do. Peer pressure is a cause of this. It is far easier to blame someone else for your current woes, than to take advantage of the programs available and work hard, and eventually succeed. Please do not misunderstand me, all races have at one time or another oppressed or discriminated another. I personally cannot see the reason today when we have money and people willing to give time set aside to help people of specific races.

And on a flip note, where is the outrage and the charges for false accusations against the Duke lacrosse team? Starting to see a double standard? That was not kept in house or within as Xo stated. This was a plain attempt at a money grab, even from her own mouth according to witnesses. Imus is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. He is an asshole, but that was what he was PAID to be. No excuse for racism in any form, just , I dunno, I think I have ranted enough.