Sunday, April 29, 2007

Proof That Kansas Citians Can Be Just As Crazy As Everyone Else

I woke up from my nap and discovered that there's a shooting going on at Ward Parkway Mall. I was just there a couple weeks ago when I took a friend to buy flip-flops to wear for his injured foot. My first thought...this is going to make for a fun night at work. Money says press will be camped out in the lobby when I go in tonight. Fun. For. Us.

Without knowing the specifics, I can only guess about the nature of the shooting. Some fucktard with a gun who thinks the only way to make his mark on the world is to open fire in a public place.

I blame the idiots in the media for sensationalizing this crap. I blame NBC for assaulting us with visions of that crazy asshat responsible for the Virginia Tech shootings two seconds after the last victim fell. Simple-minded peons now know how to get their faces on every major network without having to go through mindless auditions for crappy reality shows.

I'm sure Kay "Where's Waldo" Barnes is finally getting her wish of Kansas City center-stage of national attention. I'm also fairly certain that this isn't what she had in mind.

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"The D" said...

Pish-shaa! I got you beat, I was just there THURSDAY!!

Plus my office is just down the street from the mall.

Furthermore, I used to work accross the street from where that cop was shot!