Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Farewell to a Good Lady

I was checking my email when a friend and fellow cruiser emailed me info about a possible excursion for my next cruise. Then, her last lines were along the lines of "...I'm going on a cruise in June to spread CeCe's ashes."

What!?! Way to tell me a friend died. I had to look in the Star's obit section to find out when...March 30th.

You might say that if I was such a friend, why didn't I know when it happened? CeCe was a lady I used to work with. She was quirky, but she was always nice, and I considered her a friend. We spent some weekends at the lake together with some other coworkers. She had breast cancer, and that is what took her in the end.

So, I was annoyed that no one contacted me about it (I knew she had been pretty sick as of late), so I missed the funeral...which made me sad.

I been bummed all day. Breast cancer is a bitch.

CeCe had been hoping to cruise again, to Alaska. Looks like she will get her wish after all.

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Faith said...

I'm sorry about your friend...that IS a sucky way to find out about that!

In fact, my sister and I were talking about some family stuff yesterday, related to the wedding, and she informed me rather unceremoniously about my great uncle passing back in October. Yeah, I kind of sent him and my great aunt the Save the Date notice for our wedding, not knowing he had passed away. Awesome. (She's taking care of the proper yelling my father gets for that one for me.) I was pretty down about it for the rest of the day (still today, actually). He was such a great guy! I was really looking forward to seeing him and my aunt at the wedding...