Saturday, January 19, 2008

KC Blogger Meeting Rundown

Because it was actually held on a weeknight, I attended the KC Blogger meet up at Cafe al Dente. I'd never been to this place before, but it was easy to find. Actually, I haven't been to a lot of places at City Market. I'm going to have to go there when the weather gets warmer and have a look around. I hear they have some pretty cool shops.

Some of the usual suspects graced us with their presence: XO, Spyder, Emaw, Faith and her new hubby, Leo (they arrived later), Average Jane and M Toast. Michelle popped in for a quick hello. Chimpo brought the very pregnant Mrs. Chimpo, and everyone wondered how he was able to land such a nice and pretty girl.

I finally got to meet the exotic Meesha, my online paramour. I would have liked to talk to him more...but it's kind of hard to get to know someone when everyone else is watching closely. It was almost like everyone was waiting for something to me throwing him on the table and demonstrating why Muslim extremists really hate Americans.

Irish KC brought the Irish accent. At one point, I was going to hand him a menu and have him read it to me. I'm a fan of foreign accents. I also lobbied for a cartoon with my name on it because I am a shameless famewhore like that. I thought a nurse named Heather would be a great character.

Many things were discussed. Chimpo offered to show off his toe (to which everyone declined). Spyder kept going on and on about her "bend over space". Almost everyone ordered a calzone (and they are every bit as good as advertised). Meesha ordered some strange lemon dessert thing the was frozen so solid, I could have lobbed it at Chimpo's head and given him a concussion. Faith brought wedding/honeymoon pics (I suspect she left the interesting ones at home).

And no one got called a Commie.

Good to see old faces, and new ones. Missed the regulars who didn't show, but look forward to seeing everyone at the next meet up.


Spyder said...
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A Librarian said...

Sorry for missing it. Next one for sure:)