Monday, January 14, 2008

Would You Like to Be My Neighbor?

A month or so ago, my next-door neighbors moved out in a flurry of activity. A week after their departure, forms attached to the garage and front door revealed what I had suspected...foreclosure.

Ever the curious sort, I looked at online real estate sites to see what it was listed it. A few weeks after they moved out, it was finally posted. The asking price was really low, but it was a foreclosure, and those things are usually "as is".

I mentioned this new development to Mom in conversation. A couple weeks later, her and Mr. Recommendation go and look at the house. I tagged along out of curiosity, and I decided that my previous neighbors were all colorblind.

Today, Mom and Mr. Recommendation will make an offer for the house.

Brother is excited because this expands the size of land he can hunt squirrels on. I'm glad because I will be able to keep tabs on her. Not too close, though. The patio is on the other side of the house, so I won't see her in the event she partakes of too much tequila and tries to flash the neighbors. However, it will be handy to have Mr. Recommendation nearby in the event my toilet explodes.

I was pretty stoked about the idea of having my basement back, until Brother announced he would be moving down there after Mr. Recommendation cleared out all his tools and stuff. It would be more room for him, but he would have to share the space with my pantry, and storage room. On the bright side, it frees up the guest room, and my quandary as to where to put a second kennel will be solved.

Even better, I won't have to listen to Brother and his Flavor of the Week getting their freak on.


IDigSmartLadies said...

I don't want to be the rain on the parade, but looking far in the future, there is both upside and downside.

Downside (for a guy) is that living next door to the in-laws would be a MAJOR DRAG. Maybe I'm just sensitive, and living ten minutes from mine is too close for my delicate sensibilities. It wasn't until I told my wife that while I like her family, having them in my home three times a week is somewhat excessive, that there was change to the situation. If I want to strip down to my comfy pajama pants, I don't want to have to wait until after ten o'clock to do it because we've got guests over for the second or third time this week.

Now, the upside. If Heather's Grand Adventure Kingdom should devlop some expatriates in the future, you'll have ready child care right next door. If our babysitter lived next door, staying out a little later would be a possibility.

meesha.v said...

bad idea seconded

Heather said...

Rest your spincters. I'm told they will probably flip the house when the market upturns.

I didn't know you guys were that interested in me. *blush*

Besides, my Mom is one of the nice parental units you wouldn't mind for your neighbor.

IDigSmartLadies said...

Meh. The only people I want in my home on a regular basis are my wife and the drunk midgets, who seem to be inexorably drawn to cartoons and crayons, that spend a lot of time there.

I like my wife's family, but coming from someone who sees their family about as often as a corporation holds a board meeting (once a quarter), I prefer limits and boundaries.