Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To Stay or To Go

For the second week in a row, I had to go to work for meetings. We are hiring a new educator for our unit, and I am on the interview committee. Fun. For. Me.

The interviews went as interviews go...nothing I would classify as fun. I wonder if the interviewees are as terrified as I am bored. Being on the interview committee is quite helpful...I learn what I should and should not do.

After my very important meetings, another nurse (who is also my gay boyfriend) and myself went to Cafe Trio for eats and drinks. We must have stayed there forever. We managed to solve all the problems of our unit and we even squeezed in time to bitch about men.

On the way home, a car spun out in the middle of Broadway as the white stuff wafted down from the heavens. I managed to make it home without someone careening into me.

So, now I sit here. Periodically looking at the window. The streets don't look too bad around my house, and those are usually more worse for wear than the main streets and highways.

Should I chance it and go to the gym, or just call it a night and go to bed? I do have to get up early for another meeting, and even risking going out for an hour on an elliptical machine sounds silly.

Meh. I think I will just go to bed. I'll make sure to do some crunches before I do.


meesha.v said...

roads look like crap,stay home,hope they will clean it up by morning.

Spyder said...

Meesha doesn't want you to meet the Gorilla before he meets you.