Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today's Goings-On

I stopped by Target because they are having their Global Bazaar. It used to be organized into regions: Asian, Indian, African, etc. Now, it's organized according to color. Want a red room? What about green??

I wasn't too impressed with this year's offerings. The only thing I liked was the oriental gong, which would have worked great in my bedroom (being all Asian and stuff), but then reality set in when I remembered that I really didn't have a good place to put it. What would I do with a gong anyway?? Smack it each time I went to bed alone? I'm sure Brother would eventually hide the gong because he would tire of hearing it so often.

At any rate, I hope Target goes back to the original formula next year.

Because the time has come to start the master bath remodel, I went to Lowes to find a new shower pan. The Lowes by my house didn't have any in stock, so I drove up north to that store, which did have one. I still had a little left on the old gift card, so I ended up only having to pay $40 for a new shower base. From there, I stopped by the store to pick up my prescriptions, pay my storage bill, then go back to my neck of the woods. As an afterthought, I stopped by Home Depot to peruse the tile offerings. I found a beige tile that I think will look good on the floor, smaller tiles for the shower with cool little colored accent tiles. Priced some of that stuff you put under the tile to make it heated and almost soiled myself because it was so expensive. Found some different colors that I could potentially paint the parts that don't get covered with tile. I'm getting pretty excited about the bathroom project. I decided to carry my Asian theme to the bathroom. It's going to be awesome when we are finished. I'll remember to post pictures.

Now, I am home, and time to get down to brass tacks on my presentation. I have mountains of notes, and a pretty good idea of the angle that I'm taking with my presentation. I anticipate being up for the rest of the night, at least until this power point is finished. I have a whole twenty minutes to speak, plus the dreaded five minute Q&A that follows.

However, I'm having an issue of a cramping I am going to have a pharmaceutical intervention, a hot shower, and then I will be ready to get to work.


Midtown Miscreant said...

I know theres a good joke with the gong as the punchline, but I got nothing. Break a leg on the presentation. At least you'll be in a room full of doctors if you do. If you had the gong you could gong me for that lame attempt at humor.

Midtown Miscreant said...
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