Saturday, January 05, 2008


By a show of hands, who is tired of all the media coverage concerning Britney Spears?

I've long held the belief that Brit-Brit is either bi-polar, or has some kind of schizo-affective disorder. These things usually manifest themselves in the early twenties. Think about it...what person in their right mind would exhibit the kind of behavior that she has??

I totally want props if I am right.

So all this has culminated in a fiasco that was replayed over and over on major news networks. A standoff with police, her carted out on a stretcher looking like she's a few floats shy of a parade. That isn't what grabbed my attention. No, what I found most disturbing about the whole thing was the mass of photographers present. Running after the ambulance, a couple even managed to jump on the back in an effort to get a clear shot in the rear window. I found myself hoping the ambulance driver would gun the accelerator and take a couple of them out. For a moment there, I kind of felt sorry for Britney. Your complete psychological collapse, and a throng of photographers hovering around like buzzards, seemingly delighted at your misfortune.

If she ends up killing herself, I won't be surprised. I think the pressure of having bottom-feeders breathing down your neck, just waiting for your next flub-up, would drive anyone to do something rash. Someone with a severe mental imbalance, even more so.

It makes me glad that I'm not a celebrity.


Donna said...

Yep, the media folks are worse than Brit. Trouble is, though, somebody must be interested in that stuff, or they wouldn't be able to sell their pictures.

Average Jane said...

I think it's nothing short of cruel that the poor woman's every move is subjected to eager scrutiny by the media. I can't imagine being a mentally healthy person and having to deal with that; in her case it can only be making things much worse.

Midtown Miscreant said...

I almost wrote something on this very subject but laziness won out. I agree she is a few bricks shy of a load and it is made worse by the constant 24/7 fishbowl she lives in. Then again I read she makes somewhere around 50 million a year in royaltie alone, so it aint like she couldnt disappear from the spotlight.

JustCara said...

My dx is bipolar with psychotic features, borderline personality disorder and possible post-partum depression. I can't believe she was released (though I've had a family member who has pulled similar stunts and was released with a "promise" to see a shrink. Yeah, right.)

Those kids need to be with their dad 100% of the time. No contact with their mom - period.

Melinda said...

But she'll be able to ruin another child's life - her sister's baby!

Hound Doggy said...

I mostly agree but she has been out waaayyyy too much gittin' her party on. There are all sorts of celebs that do their thing without all of the attention. She wants it when it is good or helps her career. She should know that you can't turn it (the attention) off and on at will.