Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Kant did this meme. I'm not a good blogger for the fact that I don't do every single meme that I'm tagged to do. Because I'm in a blogging dry spot, I figured I could do this until I feel inspired to write something else.

20 Years Ago
1. I was 13, living in Cameron, Missouri. It was a little town that wanted to be a big city when it grew up.
2. I gave up playing the french horn and started playing the drums. I did much better and mom was relieved that she didn't have a french horn in her house. However, my constant tapping on anything with butter knives got to be annoying.
3. It was my last year in junior high before entering, gasp, high school.
4. I had yet to have a growth spurt since the 4th grade so I was the shortest, smallest person in my class. This made me prime target for bullies.

10 Years Ago
1. 23 years old...living here in KC. Doing the Mormon thing in the Singles Branch. I may have been activities coordinator at the time.
2. Working as a nurse tech at a prominent Johnson County hospital on an orthopedics floor.
3. I drove an 88 Mercury Cougar, back when the Cougars were cool and before Ford fixed what wasn't broken and ruined it.
4. Madly in love with Matt, only he doesn't know it. Everyone else does.

5 Years Ago
1. 28 years old and halfway through nursing school.
2. In a serious relationship...with Starbucks. My nursing school friend, Trish, introduced us.
3. I'm driving a 1990 Ford F-150 named Oprah. Guys flirt with me on the highway because I look hot handling that kind of horsepower.
4. I'm gearing up for my reconstructive knee surgery, needed because of an old sports injury from high school. Damn hurdles.

1 Year Ago
1. Settling into my newly purchased home. Woohoo!
2. Working weekends at a big KC hospital as an RN. I kick butt and take names.
3. I'm in the process of cultivating a relationship that will ultimately go nowhere and leave me sad. (To this day, he still doesn't understand why I was so upset with him.)
4. I went on a cruise with aforementioned He Who Shall Not Be Named. Nothing happened. It was depressing. More then ten people were disappointed.

This Year
1. Planning my next Caribbean adventure, but for the fall.
2. Forget tomatoes. This year, my goal is to grow a lawn.
3. Exploring options to continue my education. Bachelors in nursing, masters in something that's not nursing.
4. Will be my 15 year high school reunion. Not too excited to go. Still trying to figure out why I should.

1. Slept in.
2. Drove North of the River to run some errands.
3. Looked for something to wear on my birthday. I didn't find anything.
4. Suspected someone is lying to me. I'm more than annoyed.

1. I have a lunch date. With a boy. I'm not overly excited about it.
2. Meeting with one of my BFFs later that evening to help me shop for something to wear on my birthday. She's more excited about my date than I am.
3. Take Sam to the groomer for a bath. He's gross.
4. Go to Mom's and rescue my vacuum cleaner.


Nightmare said...

Something to wear on your Birthday? What is wrong with the Birthday Suit?


Spyder said...

When are we celebrating your birthday?

H-Train said...

My birthday is on the 21st. More details to come via email.

Joe said...

I waited unitl my 20th reunion to go and was glad I did. It was interesting to say the least.